Dear Agony was the fourth studio album by the band Breaking Benjamin, released on September 29, 2009.  This is
Breaking Benjamin40
the last album to feature Aaron Fink, Mark Klepaski, and Chad Szeliga.  Aaron and Mark were fired and sued, and Chad left due to creative differences.  The album has a total of 11 main tracks on it, and 2 Japanese Bonus Tracks on it.  

Background and Release

Track List

  1. Normal
    1. Fade Away
    2. I Will Not Bow
    3. Crawl
    4. Give Me a Sign
    5. Hopeless
    6. What Lies Beneath
    7. Anthem of the Angels
    8. Lights Out
    9. Dear Agony
    10. Into the Nothing
    11. Without You
  2. Japanese Bonus Tracks
    1. Without You ACOUSTIC VERSION
    2. Give Me a Sign ACOUSTIC VERSION


After this album was released, Breaking Benjamin went on hiatus for a couple of reasons.  First, Benjamin Burnley was struggling with lung cancer and deep depression.  And the second, and biggest, reason, is because Aaron Fink and Mark Klepaski were fired and sued for allowing a cover of Blow Me Away to be made without consulting the rest of the band.  After the lawsuits were completely done, Benjamin Burnley then had to find three new members of the band, so they could make a comeback in 2015.  In addition, drummer Chad Szeliga left the band due to creative differences.  


  1. Breaking Benjamin
    1. Benjamin Burnley - lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    2. Aaron Fink - Lead Guitar
    3. Mark Klepaski - Bass Guitar
    4. Chad Szeliga - Drums, percussions
  2. Additional Musicians
    1. Rachel Golub - Violin on "Anthem of the Angels" and "Without You"
    2. David Eggar - Cello on "Anthem of the Angels" and "Without You"
    3. Jonathan Dinklage - Violin, Viola on "Anthem of the Angels" and "Without You"
    4. Neil Zineatser - additional guitar, Bass Guitar
    5. Helda Coccen-Mihan - backing vocals, synthesizers
    6. Helen Bed - Drums, Bass Guitar, synthesizers
  3. Production
    1. David Bendeth - producer, Mixer
    2. Dan Korneff - engineer, digital editing
    3. Ted Jensen - mastering
    4. Jon D'Uva - digital editing, engineer
    5. John Bender - digital editing, engineer
    6. Kato Khandwala - digital editing, engineer
    7. Michael "Mitch" Milan - assistant engineer
    8. Jason Jordan - A&R
    9. Florian Schneider - photography
    10. David Snow - creative director


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